Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Espejismo?

ESPEJISMO: A Festival of Borrowed Reflections is an artistic collaboration between the Yale School of Management (SOM) with Colombian-American artist Yazmany Arboleda and produced by the creative agency limeSHIFT. The art manifests as a digital platform and a physical installation on view at SOM from April 24th – 30th. We pose a fundamental question, “When people see you, what would you like them to know?” We are receptive to responses from all and encourage each participant to ask their family, neighbors, friends, co-workers, baristas, classmates, professors – anyone you want to include.

2. How can I participate in this project?

1. Share your reflection and (if possible) lend a mirror. To go one step further, consider pledging a community: is there a specific community whose voice you are interested in magnifying?
2. Follow along and share any creative inspiration on social media with #espejismoart.
3. Share a response to the following prompt on your community’s blog: “How is your community navigating the current challenges in the world right now? How can art be a useful tool in community building? Specifically, how does Espejismo inspire you?” We’ll compile shares from #espejismoart and blogs on our Espejismo Facebook page.

3. How do I drop off my mirror?

We will reach out to you with specific drop off details. You can either drop off your mirror in New Haven, CT from April 17th – 21st. Or, we will organize localized drop off locations for your immediate community.

4. What if I can’t drop off my mirror?

We still want you to participate! Regardless of where you live, all reflections are welcome. If you are interested in lending a mirror, please contact
If you want to send a mirror, please send to:
Gayla Burks
206 Elm Street, Box 201924
New Haven, CT 06520
Note: Mailed mirrors will not be returned, but will be available for pick up at SOM.

5. Will I get my mirror back?

Yes, unless a mirror is donated, all mirrors are borrowed. The mirrors will be available for pick up at SOM Sunday June 30th between 4 -6pm. We can arrange to drop them off at their home between the 1st and 5th.. For communities with a large number of participants, we will arrange for delivery to a centralized location in the metro New Haven area.


We will do our best to ensure proper care of your mirror, but please note that limeSHIFT nor Yale SOM are liable for any damages that may occur.

6. What if I don’t have a mirror?

That’s ok! We encourage you to get creative in finding a mirror – dig deep in an old make-up bag, or ask a neighbor, co-worker, or friend. Either way, we hope you will participate by sharing your reflection and being a part of our online community of people who care about understanding each other.

7. How long should a reflection be?

It’s up to you. Reflections range from 1 sentence to a few paragraphs. We welcome all types of written responses and other creative expressions of reflection. Any other creative reflections can be posted to social media and tagged with #espejismoart.

8. Can I share this project and get reflections from outside of New Haven?

Yes please! We are open to participants from all over the world.

9. What if I want to get mirrors from another community?

That’s great! Use the form to pledge that community. We can work with you to retrieve the mirrors if it is difficult. Please email for assistance.

10. What is the deadline to participate?

We are accepting mirrors until April 21st!

11. When and where will the art installation be?

The installation will take place April 24-30th at Yale School of Management, 165 Whitney Ave, New Haven, CT. Please join us there for a celebration event on Thursday, April 27th!