The project asks participants to share their reflections in two ways - digitally and physically. By filling out the form below, your reflection will live on our website as a part of our diverse and growing community. Furthermore, if you are able, we are asking to borrow your mirror to help compose the art installation. The stories and mirrors will be paired in the final installation for visitors to enjoy. Of course, we understand that not everyone wants to share publicly. You are able to fill out the below anonymously (email is for internal use only).
Please note that this form can be filled out anonymously.
Or a phone number too. We would like a way to update you on the project. For internal use only.
We view Espejismo participants as living artists and want to list them that way, in the same way the MoMA lists its artists.
Examples: Avid reader, Scientist, Teenager, Mother, Farmer, etc. Frame yourself as you wish.
Typical responses average ~one paragraph. We ask for thoughtful responses to respect the community that we are building together.
Examples: selfies, portraits, drawings, and any creative expression of yourself is welcome.
We accept any type of mirror from makeup- to closet-sized. We will do our best to ensure proper care of your mirror, but please note that limeSHIFT nor Yale SOM are liable for any damages that may occur.