A Festival of Borrowed Reflections

Espejismo is an art installation that invites its audience to reflect on the perspectives of others and share personal thoughts about seeing and being seen. From April 24th through 30th, mirrors borrowed from Yale students, New Haven residents, and communities around the world will line the floor of the Bekenstein Atrium of the Yale School of Management (SOM). Simultaneously, will collect personal reflections on the question “When people see you, what would you like them to know?” The responses, available online and in print, will complement the installation by revealing to audiences the surprising complexity of those around them. The project—the first of its kind at SOM—is a collaboration between SOM students, Colombian-American artist Yazmany Arboleda, and the creative agency limeSHIFT.

We encourage anyone and everyone to participate by attending the installation, lending a mirror by April 21st, and submitting a reflection here. Please also follow along on social media with the hashtag #espejismoart.


1. Share your reflection and (if possible) lend a mirror. To go one step further, consider pledging a community: is there a specific community whose voice you are interested in magnifying?

2. Follow along and share any creative inspiration on social media with #espejismoart.

3. Share a response to the following prompt on your community’s blog: “How is your community navigating the current challenges in the world right now? How can art be a useful tool in community building? Specifically, how does Espejismo inspire you?” We’ll compile shares from #espejismoart and blogs on our Espejismo Facebook page.



Friday, April 21st: Last day to confirm mirror pickup

Monday, April 24th: Installation at Yale SOM opens

Thursday, April 27th: Celebration Event at Yale SOM with a musical performance by Musical Intervention

Sunday, April 30th: Installation closes

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